The Coolest Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Collectibles

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Wall ArtOne of the most popular movies of the 20th century is, without question, The Wizard of Oz. The characters are so poular, that they’ve been used in almost any fashion you can think of. Houseware, clothing lines, toys, books, and countless spin off movies and tv shows all carry the Wizard of Oz brand.

You know it’s a popular movie when even those evil little minions of the bad guy, the flying monkeys, have caught our imagination. When searching for Wizard of Oz flying monkeys items, be on the look out for some of these amazing things to discover.

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Women’s T- “Don’t make me unleash my flying Monkeys”, On Cafepress

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Womens T-shirtYou’ll see a lot of t-shirts for Wizard of Oz, but this one is especially fun. It’s just a black image of the flying monkeys, with scrawly text, so it’s not a bright ‘I’m wearing a movie t-shirt’ image, either. Click here to buy this Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys T-shirt on Cafepress.

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Pet Costumes

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Dog CostumeFlying Monkey Costumes for people can be found almost anywhere, and for any age or gender. It’s especially cute for babies – literally anyone can find a Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey costume to fit them. But have you seen Flying Monkey COstumes for your dogs? How cute!!

Custom stamps from Zazzle

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Postage StampYou’ve always got to buy stamps anyway. And any time you can turn a have to buy into something you’re thrilled got get, that’s a win. These classic book art Wizard of Oz flying monkey stamps are a treat and cheap! Click here to find them on Zazzle.

Wizard of Oz Pop! Winged Flying Monkeys

Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Pop Vinyl Figure Pop collectibles are always amazing choices. They’re made of vinyl, super durable, and showcase any character you can think of. They’re really good for the collector with little ones still in the house.

R John Wright collectible Dolls

RLW Wizard of Oz NikkoOkay, so it’s not a flying monkey. It’s a mouse dressed as one of the Wizard of Oz flying monkeys, and it is very cute. Definitely something for a collector.

Classic book image flying monkey magnet On E bay

Protected by Flying MonkeysPeople who loved the movie sometimes forget that the books origional artwork was amazing. It had a curvy quality that enchanted little readers. This vintage green magnet captures the flying monkey artwork perfectly.

Jim Shore Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys Statue

Jim Shore Wizard of Oz Flying Monkeys StatueJim Shore has been doing some outstanding Disney work for awhile now. All of his pieces show a character with a wonderful, vine like pattern and quality to the lines.

2007 Hallmark Toto’s Great escape ornament

Hallmark 2007 TOTO'S GREAT ESCAPE Wizard of Oz OrnamentAn absolute classic, this ornament shows Toto sneaking out of the basket while the flying monkey isn’t looking. Probably one of the most popular scenes in the movie.

1988 Wizard of Oz 50th Anniversary Plate

1988 Wizard of Oz Hamilton Collection Collector PlatesIt’s amazing to think that in 1988, Wizard of Oz was already 50 years old. This plate shows a classic scene with the wicked witch and one of her flying monkeys watching Dorothy and her friends get ever closer.

This plate is plate 5 of a total of 8 in this rare Hamilton Collection. The collection also included an additional “Somewhere over the Rainbow” 50th Anniversary Plate.

Kurt Alder flying monkey Ornament

Kurt Adler Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey OrnamentAnother amazing artist, Kurt Alder shows the Wizard of Oz flying monkeys holding Toto in their paws. This tree ornament is a bit on the steep side, but it’s a great piece for an avid collector. Especially if you’re aiming for a theme tree.

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