Wizard of Oz Barbie Dolls Still Hold Collector Appeal

Wizard of Oz Barbie Box ArtSince its debut in 1939, the original Wizard of Oz film has become one of the top children’s movies of all time, filled with life lessons taught by noble characters. Out of all of the available Wizard of Oz merchandise that can be collected, Wizard of Oz Barbie has become one of the most popular items to collect. Keep reading for more interesting facts about collecting Wizard of Oz Barbie Dolls; what to look out for, collector traps and treasures and more.

The first edition of the Wizard of Oz Barbie Dolls was released in 1995 by Mattel Toys – the creator of Barbie. It may come as no surprise that the first doll ever purchased from the Wizard of Oz Barbie doll collection was Dorothy, the main character of the movie. Soon after, other Barbie doll characters of the movie began flying off of the shelves and into the arms of children as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, or just regular playing toys. Since its debut, the eventual decline in sales have caused Mattel to discontinue the Wizard of Oz Barbie line. The item continues to be an affordable favorite for collectors and fans with a love for the movie.

Today, one wizard of oz barbie character can be purchased for the low price of $5 from some toy stores and online sources. In fact you could purchase the entire set of Wizard of Oz characters for less than $200!

Wizard of Oz Barbie Makes a Great Addition to Your Child’s Current Doll Collection

Barbie Collectors Special Addition Oz Characters

Barbie Collectors Special Edition Releases included The Scarecrow, The Cowardly Lion and The Tinman

All characters from the movie are available in Barbie doll form and were released in several editions. Prices varie from a few dollars up to hundreds of dollars. Each doll would make a great addition to your collection of Wizard of Oz memorabilia. Not only that, but the Wizard of Oz Barbie can also use any of the hundreds of available barbie doll vehicles and accessories in any Barbie doll collection. Like the classic film, the Wizard of Oz version of Barbie dolls remains a part of popular American culture for both children and adults.

Mattel’s Barbie Collector Series Celebrates the 75th Anniversary of the Original Movie with a Limited Re-Issue of Certain Characters

Wizard of Oz Barbie Scarecrow

The Vinyl Doll’s heads were created in the likeness of their big screen characters

In celebration of the classic film’s 75th anniversary, Mattel released a limited series of the most popular characters. Each doll is sculpted in vinyl in his or her character’s movie likeness. Retailers rushed to reorganize their shelves to find a temporary home for the new dolls. A very limited range of the most popular dolls was created. This included Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch of the North, and the Wicked Witch of the West. One new doll was debuted as well, the Wizard!!!

Along with the recreated versions of the dolls, other items included in the 75th anniversary sale were Wizard of Oz watches, audios, and limited edition video. If you are a fan of the classic movie, be sure to add the Wizard of Oz Barbie Dolls to your collection. You can purchase Wizard of Oz Barbie direct from mattel here.

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