Top 10 Wizard of Oz Figurines You Must Own

The Wizard of Oz is a classic movie that has some of the most memorable characters. Any serious collector has to have the main characters captured in miniature as Wizard of Oz Figurines. One problem though, because of the popularity of the films and stories, there are literally 1000’s of figurines to collect.

Figurines are created on many mediums including cast resins/plastics, wood, glass or porcelain. Some are hand painted, others are glazed. Value is based on rarity, materials, craftsmanship and age. Below is a list of the Top 10 that would make your collection stand out among the crowd of other collectors. Some are expensive, some cheap, others rare, but all are adorable!

  1. We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

    Wizard of Oz Figurines - We Are Not in Kansas AnymoreIf you are unsure of how to start your figurines collection, you can start by owning a figurine that features the start of Dorothy’s plight that leads her on an unforgettable journey. This is made out of a glass substrate and stands approximately 7″ tall.

  2. Follow the Yellow Brick Road

    Wizard of Oz Figurines - Follow the Yellow Brick RoadEven traditionally inanimate objects can become major characters in a film themselves. Of course, no Wizard of Oz Figurines collection can be complete without a figurine of the Yellow Brick Road. This figurine features Dorothy, Toto, and the legendary yellow brick road.

  3. The Wicked Witch of the West from LENOX

    Wizard of Oz Figurines - The Wicked Witch of the West from LENOXAny movie without a antagonist is just not a movie at all. Equally, any Wizard of Oz figurines collection without the antagonist of the classic movie is just not a collection at all!

    This figurine was created by LENOX and is crafted out of hand-painted Ivory in China and accented with 24 Karat Gold!! This is one of the more expensive pieces and prices range from $99 to $140 in a sealed, unopened box.

  4. Glinda the Good Witch

    Wizard of Oz Figurines - Glinda the Good WitchDorothy was so lucky to have Glinda, the much nicer witch, to help put her on the right path to finding her home. Glinda was Dorothy’s saving grace, and so could she be for your collection.

    This is a unique figurine with the land of Oz “embossed” into Glinda’s dress. This is an original Jim Shore sculpture with jewel accents and a glittery magic wand.

  5. Toto

    Wizard of Oz Figurines - TotoHe is cute, he is furry, and he has played a huge role in Dorothy’s journey down the yellow brick road. In order for a wizard of oz figurines collection to be complete, you must include Dorothy’s right hand man, or dog if you will, Toto.

  6. The Cowardly Lion

    Wizard of Oz Figurines - The Cowardly LionThis loveable character in need of courage was the last friend that Dorothy met during her long journey to Emerald City. The big lion who at first frightened the Wizard of Oz gang became the most loved character, and could also be the most loveable item in your collection.

    This resin figurine from Westland Giftware’s Wizard of Oz Figurines Collection, measures approximately 3.75″ tall. He costs between $9-$20.

  7. Wizard of Oz 3D Metal Sculpture/Figurines

    wizard of oz 3d metal figurinesWizard of Oz 3D Metal / Tin Art Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion pop out in this 3D Metal Art Picture. Made by Enesco Corporation, dated 1999.

    Measures approximately 13 inches wide, by 10 1/2 inches tall
    Mint Condition. Originally viewed and purchased at Camille’s Collectibles.

  8. Jim Shore’s Glinda the Witch Nesting Dolls Figurine

    Jim Shore Spellbound Glenda FigurineFor Number 1 we chose not even the most expensive or rare, but one of the most creative pieces we’ve seen. This is a beautiful, hand painted, hand carved nesting doll from the master, Jim Shore. You get Glinda, Dorothy and her little dog Toto and the Wicked Witch. You can display them as one piece or separate into 4 different pieces! Read our complete review and view images of these masterpiece Jim Shore Wizard of Oz Figurines

BONUS: Wizard of Oz Figurines RARE Store Display Stand

Wizard of Oz Wooden Retail Display without FiguresCheck out this super adorable, rare wooden store display that would make a great display for you finest figurines.

Wizard of Oz Wooden Retail Display with FiguresThis wooden display was once used to display store merchandise in retail locations and looks amazing.

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