Wizard of Oz Fabric Top 5 Creative Projects

If you are browsing through fabrics in a store or on a website, you may come across some Wizard of Oz fabric. For some, the fabric may not mean much, but if you are among the millions of people who are in love with the movie, you may find that the fabric inspire you to create a masterpiece using the fabric. But, what should you create? Below is a list of 5 creative projects for your Wizard of Oz fabric.

Creative Wizard of Oz Fabric Project 1: Design a bedroom set for a child

Wizard of Oz Fabric for beddingYou can make blankets, bed sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and throws with fabric prints of your child’s favorite character or of many characters that your child loves from the movie. If not a character from the movie, you can choose certain prints of clothing seen in the movie, like Dorothy’s famous blue and white checkered dress or the sparkly red color of Dorothy’s slippers. This could be a fun and creative project for any one with small kids and do not want to spend money buying brand new sheet sets for the beds.

Creative Wizard of Oz Fabric Project 2: Make clothing for children

Wizard of Oz Fabric for clothingIf you have a child who wants to dress up like characters from the movie and it is nowhere close to Halloween and the availability of Wizard of Oz costumes is little to none, a great idea would be to use Wizard of Oz fabric to create little shirts and dresses that display the iconic characters from the movie. Even if you do not have children, you can make the clothing to be sold online or at flea markets for other children who have a love for the movie.

Creative Wizard of Oz Fabric Project 3: Create pillows for decoration or to be used by children

Wizard of Oz Fabric PillowPillows are an easy and inexpensive item that can be made in the comfort of your own home. All you need is some fabric, a needle and thread, and pillow stuffing. Wizard of Oz fabric is a good piece of fabric to showcase your love for the classic movie. The pillows are also great ideas for baby shower, Christmas and birthday gifts for children, or create a unique item that can be added to the collection of another Wizard of Oz lover.

Creative Wizard of Oz Fabric Project 4: Make a reusable table cloth for events held for children

Wizard of Oz Fabric table clothIf you absolutely love the Wizard of Oz, you may consider having a Wizard of Oz tablecloth on your dinner table. But if you are not too fond of having the fabric as your tablecloth, you could use the fabric as a table cloth for a child’s birthday party or to decorate a child’s table. The fabric can be washed when necessary and reused for future purposes as well.

Creative Wizard of Oz Fabric Project 5: Decorate a Wizard of Oz shrine with the fabric

wizard of oz fabric shrineIf you already have Wizard of Oz collectibles, you can dress them up with any fabric that features a character from the movie. Your display of Wizard of Oz fabrics can add a special element to your collection that no other Wizard of Oz memorabilia collector has in their home. In this image the collector has used the same fabric from the Pillows example, as a background in this table top shrine. It also makes a good tent or coat for the figures. Be creative!

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