Top 10 Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Items to Own

The first time the beloved scarecrow of wizard of oz is introduced, we learn that he is missing his brain and that he will do anything to get one. In truth the Scarecrow is only two days old and lacks experience and hasn’t had time to learn. THroughout the story the scarecrows shows that he already possesses intelligence and is even recognized as “the wisest man in all of Oz”.

Any Wizard of OZ collection is not complete without the Scarecrow. This page is dedicated to some of the most collectible and interesting Scarecrow wizard of oz stuff out there.

  1. Wizard of Oz Replica Heads

    Scarecrow Wizard of Oz MaskThree custom-made Wizard of Oz heads were created for Debbie Reynolds’ Las Vegas museum. These incredibly detailed heads are constructed from latex with clear-coated eyes, hand-painted details and even features individually placed hair on the head. The Scarecrow measures over 13 in. tall. The head was sold at auction 3 years ago for $6500 to a private collector. Here’s a link to the actual auction listing:

  2. Steinbach Collectors Club Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Nutcracker

    The Scarecrow was the the 1st nutcracker to be produced in the Wizard Of Oz Series. The nutcracker stands over 17″ tall, is handpainted and hand crafted by the Steinbach Family in Germany.

  3. Wizard of OZ Scarecrow Bobble-Head

    Scarecrow Wizard of Oz Bobble headHere’s a very funny and interesting Scarecrow Collectible. Direct from the magical land of Oz, comes this spectacular bobble head of Dorothy’s wise companion – the Scarecrow! Over 7 1/2-inches tall, excluding base and can be found for between $12-$20. A great find!

  4. The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Barbie Doll 2014

    The Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Barbie DollThis beautiful Pink Label Collectible Barbie was designed by Lauri Sipos in a limited production of 8000.The high quality figurine is covered in detailed clothing that includes his big black hat and a burlap sack closed with an old rope. He even has bunches of straw poking out of his shirt cuffs! The figure was sculpted in the likeness of Ray Bolger, the original actor who portrayed the Scarecrow in the 1939 classic film.

  5. Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Scarecrow

    Madame Alexander Scarecrow from Wizard of OzThe world renown Madame Alexander Dolls, manufactured by The Alexander Doll Company, are beautifully detailed collectible dolls to be treasured for a lifetime by children of all ages. Introduced over 85 years ago, Madame Alexander dolls have come to set the bar for the crafting of fine, traditional collectible dolls.

    This special addition Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Scarecrow is no exception! Crafted by the dollmasters at the Alexander home plant – the 8” fully-articulated doll stands tall with blue eyes and his scarecrow face paint and sports a green jacket and brown pants with patches and held in place with an old straw belt.

  6. RAY BOLGER – Portrayal of the SCARECROW in “THE WIZARD OF OZ” Signed 8×10 B/W Photo

    RAY BOLGER - Portrayal of the SCARECROW in "THE WIZARD OF OZ" Signed 8x10 B/W PhotoRay Bolger, the actor best known for playing the Scarecrow in the film The Wizard of Oz. Here’s one of many of the remaining autographed scarecrow images out there. Good hunting!

  7. Rag DOLL Collectible WIZARD of OZ Scarecrow from the 1930’s

    Rare Handmade Scarecrow from the Wizard of OzThis is a very old and delicate, handmade doll dating back to the 1930’s. This would make a great conversation piece to add to your Collection.

  8. 1974 MEGO Scarecrow Wizard of Oz

    1974 Mego Scarecrow Wizard of OzThis is the MEGO release of the Scarecrow and stands over 8″ tall. Half the fun of the MEGO dolls are the box art and this one is beautiful. This one is a rare steal and can usually be had for less than $20 on Ebay.

  9. Rare Tuscany Studios Scarecrow Statue

    Tuscany Studios Statue of the Scarecrow  in Wizard of OzThis is a very rare statue of The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz created by Tuscany Studios in Chicago. Model number hand carved into the base is F23! Wizard of Oz collectors beware – finding one of these in good condition is a real prize. They were easy to chip making and due to age, have only become even rarer.

  10. The R John Wright Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz

    R John Wright Scarecrow of Wizard of OzA sculptural masterpiece in a very limited run of only 250! Faithfully based on the original film, this figure stands over 18″ tall with fully articulated joints and a hand tailored wardrobe. Amazing detail – even the gloves have individually hand sewn fingers. The ultimate piece for a Wizard of Oz Collector.

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