Welcome to Wizard of Oz Collectibles

I have been fascinated with the classic Wizard of Oz film my entire life. Over the years I have bought hundreds of Wizard of Oz Memorabilia and Wizard of Oz Figurines. After years of searching the internet, and learning more than maybe I should about the movie, my friends and I decided to set up a website and share all of this information with other super fans.

You’ll find everything here from the most rare and difficult to find collectibles and figurines to legendary Wizard of Oz lore and facts. If I found something that could be purchased I tried to include updated links to where you could actually buy those items. I have also gathered the best high resolution images that I could find to represent the subject of each article. Feel free to contribute!

This website is devoted to collecting Wizard of Oz stuff. The categories in the left hand navigation link to a ton of items that fellow collectors might be interested in exploring. Some of these items I have and others I hope to one day obtain. Are you a Wizard of Oz Collector? interested in contributing to this website? Please contact me at: wizardofozcollectibles@gmail.com. Please enjoy the website, click your heels and start hunting for those rare collectibles!!